Comodita Tipo Stand Up


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The Details
  • DOUBLE FOLD ACTION: makes it very compact. You can also remove the handles and the shopping bag and place the walker inside its travel bag to make it easy to carry in longer trips.
  • LARGE PNEUMATIC TIRES: 10" front aluminum wheels and 8” back wheels absorb impact while walking in rougher terrain. This allows for a smoother ride, less bumpy and shaky. The tires also have a thicker tread, which provides traction to drive over loose objects, wet and uneven surfaces.
  • SUPERIOR GRIP: Rubber tires provide superior grip when the brakes are applied, even on smooth surfaces like tiles, wood, and carpet
  • HEAVY DUTY: The unique features of our model Comodita Tipo Stand Up make this walker heavier than a regular walker. Do not buy this model if you cannot lift a 24 lb. walker comfortably.
  • HEIGHT RANGE: Approximate height from 5’ to 6’. Adjustable handle height range is 40" - 46".
  • SAFETY & SECURITY: Two light reflectors in the front and the back of the walker for additional security.
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: Removable cup holder, cane holder, shopping bag and travel bag included.
Attribute Details
Weight Capacity 300 lbs
Item Weight 23.5 lbs
Height 40" - 46"
Wheel Size 10" Front / 8" Rear
Seat Height 21"
Seat Dimensions 17.5 (W) x 11" (D) x 21" (H)

Additional Info

The Comodita Tipo Stand Up enables users to stand upright, supporting their weight on their forearms and not the hands and wrist, helping to take pressure and tension away from the shoulders and upper back. It is the perfect rollator for people who want to live a more active lifestyle. In addition to indoor use, the pneumatic tires make it perfect for outdoor use as well.

Important note from the manufacturer: THIS WALKER WILL NOT PERFORM WELL IN FINE BEACH SAND

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Laurence M.P.
highly dangerous very prone to tipping over

#4 is the problem

David B.
Good product, some limitations

The quality of construction in this walker is excellent but there are limiting factors as well.
1. It is not a good choice for persons under 5' unless the buyer is able to shorten the rails that support the arms and hands. My wife is 4'10" and I had to cut 1.5 inches off the upright rails so she can reach it.
2. The handles and brakes are almost unusable by people with small hands or who suffer from arthritis.
3. folding extended arms would make standing up from the seat safer.
4. The big front wheels are misleading. The balance is such that if they strike even a small obstacle like a sidewalk crack the walked tries to tilt forward. On grass it is even more unstable.
5. The overall size makes the walker difficult to use in crowded situations like restaruants and as a result we often have to leave it in the car.
These are real issues but overall the walker is better than most.