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Elderly and Agile: The Rollator Dance Handbook, recently released by the German Dance Teachers Association (ADTV), tells care home workers how to give dance lessons to rollator users. The book covers everything from rhythm and time keeping exercises to lessons on the foxtrot, waltz, rumba, and samba. It even features a section on dancing while sitting for users who are unable to stand.

The book was inspired by dance classes the ADTV has been running for the past two years at the Frankenhoehe senior citizen home in Mainz, Germany. The classes have been “very well received,” said Cornelia Willius-Senzer, president of the ADTV. “Lots of people were a bit skeptical at first, but as soon as the music started playing their eyes lit up.”

Participants in the dance class range from 80 to over 100 years old. Else Bouche, 89, recalls how important dancing was to her in her youth, a fearful time overshadowed by the second World War. “Everything was destroyed. But we still danced and had fun.”


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Singapore Backs Development of Self Driving Wheelchairs

By Austin Sheeley

12/8/2016 1:55 PM

Over the past couple decades, self-driving cars have gone from being a sci fi concept to a reality, with semi-autonomous self driving cars now commercially available. Now the Singaporean government is working with businesses and health care agencies to create a self driving wheelchair by March 2017.

“What if we could make the wheelchair move on [its] own?” Mark Lim, Director of Government Digital Services asked at the Innovation Labs World convention. “There is a proper use case for it, because today we have limited health care workers… These nurses are more precious in doing their work, in taking care of the patients, than pushing them around in the wheelchair.”

In the not too distant future, Singapore may have hospitals full of self driving wheelchairs moving patients around to where they need to be, when they need to be there.

Singapore, like the US, South Korea, and Japan has a rapidly aging population due to people living longer and younger generations having fewer children. This m...

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More Customer Questions Answered

By Austin Sheeley

10/6/2016 2:35 PM

On the Just Walkers Blog, we like to write posts answering customer questions. But sometimes we’ll get questions which have short simple answers that don’t require a whole post to explain. Here are some of those questions along with their short answers, for the benefit of anyone else who might be wondering the same thing.

Which rollator is the narrowest? I have an old house with very narrow doorways, and all the rollators I have tried are too wide.

The Invacare Junior Rollator is the narrowest. It has a 23 inch width.

My grandfather is partially paralyzed and does not have use of his right arm. Is there a rollator that he can safely use?

Check out the Dolomite rollators. Specifically, we think you’ll find the Dolomite Symphony Rollator helpful. It can be modified to use a single hand brake. Plus, there is an optional part called the Hemiplegic Handle. It allows for your grandfather to help push the rollator using his body. With the Hemi Handle and the single hand brake, your grandfather s...

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The Best Rollator for When Your Loved One Gets Tired

By Austin Sheeley

9/8/2016 10:38 AM

“We frequently go out with my grandmother, and she uses a rolling walker. When she gets tired, she sits down and holds up the whole family. Is there some sort of rolling walker that is safe to push our grandma in?”

The best type of rollator for your situation is a rollator / transport chair. These can be used either as a traditional rollator that your grandmother pushes herself or, when she gets tired, as a transport wheelchair that your grandmother sits in while a loved one pushes her. All rollator / transport chairs have 4 wheels, a seat, and a backrest. Most also include a rollator bag or basket for easily accessible storage.

Specifically, we recommend the Drive Duet Rollator / Transport Chair. It offers a contoured, padded backrest which is reversible depending on whether you are using it in rollator or transport chair mode. When used as a transport chair, this rollator features foldable footrests and armrests for more comfort. Plus, the Drive Duet’s large 8 inch wheels allow users...

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What is the difference between the 4-wheel rolling walkers and the 3-wheel rolling walkers?

All rolling walkers, or rollators, give their users extra stability without slowing them down like a traditional walker would. When choosing a rollator for yourself or a loved one, one of the first things you’ll have to decide is whether you want a 3 wheel rollator or a 4 wheel rollator.

3 Wheel Rollators

Strengths: 3 wheel rollators are narrower and have a tighter turning radius than their 4-wheeled counterparts. This is especially helpful when navigating narrow halls or doorways. Plus, they are lighter than 4 wheel rollators which is great if you ever need to lift them.

Weaknesses: 3 wheel rollators don’t provide as much support as 4 wheel rollators. Also, unlike 4 wheel rollators, they don’t provide a seat for the user to rest on when they get tired.

4 Wheel Rollators

Strengths: 4 wheel rollators provide more support and stability than 3 wheel rollators. They also include a seat for the user to sit...

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