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  • Pharmacist Recommended Best Wheelchair Cushion
  • Pharmacist Recommended: Best Wheelchair Cushion

    Drive Gel E 3" Wheelchair Seat Cushion

    Pharmacist Bryan Mercer

    "This 3" viscous gel seat cushion provides a comfortable seat, while preventing pressure points."

    Drive Skin Protection Gel E 3

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Wheelchair Cushions

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  1. Drive Skin Protection Gel E 3" Wheelchair Seat Cushion

    Drive Skin Protection Gel E 3" Wheelchair Seat Cushion



    • Assists in prevention, treatment, and managesment of pressure ulcers
    • Viscous gel for optimized pressure reduction
    • Fire-retardant polyurethane foam shell
    • Removeable, replaceable, water-resistant cover
    • Non-slip vinyl base
    • Extra-thick 3" cushion
    • Weight capacity: 275
  2. Jay Basic Wheelchair Cushion

    Jay Basic Wheelchair Cushion

    • Mildly contoured wheelchair cushion gives you more comfort
    • Beveled bottom prevents "hammocking" effect of wheelchairs with sling upholstery seats
    • Moisture resistant cover with non-slip bottom
    • Available in 4 different
  3. Roho Quadtro Select Wheelchair Cushion

    Roho Quadtro Select Wheelchair Cushion

    • Features neoprene rubber air cells filled with air for more comfort
    • Air cell density is adjustable to your personal preference
    • On-demand comfort: cells can be adjusted while you're still seated!
    • Air cells are durable, but can be repaired if ever damaged - extends life of cushion
    • Comes with washable cover, pump, repair kit, and instructions
    • Special order item - allow approximately 2 weeks for delivery
    • Choose your cushion height: 4" (High Profile), 3" (Mid Profile), or 2" (Low
  4. Nova Gel Foam Wheelchair Cushion

    Nova Gel Foam Wheelchair Cushion



    • Gel/foam combination cushion gives you the comfort you deserve
    • Evenly distributes the user's weight to prevent uncomfortable pressure points
    • Cover is removable, waterproof, and flame retardant
    • Works with wheelchairs, transport wheelchairs, as well as home and office seating
    • Available in 2" or 3" heights
    • Weight capacity: 250
  5. Water/Gel Filled Wheelchair Cushion

    Water/Gel Filled Wheelchair Cushion

    • Internal cushion material is gel-water mixture to optimize pressure relief
    • Gel-water material consistency is similar to fat tissue found on the buttocks for more natural comfort
    • Gel-water material is thick to prevent leakage
    • Cushion is easy to clean
    • Dimensions: 16.5" x 18" x 2"
    • Weight capacity: 200
  6. Roho Mosaic Wheelchair Cushion

    Roho Mosaic Wheelchair Cushion

    • Air flotation technology provides a comfortable sitting environment
    • Interconnected air cells better distribute pressure across entire cushion
    • Has a 3" depth
    • Reusable, washable cover makes it easy to keep cushion clean
    • Should not be used by patients that're susceptible to skin
  7. Medline Gel Foam Wheelchair Cushion

    Medline Gel Foam Wheelchair Cushion

    • Gel-foam cushion that redistributes pressure to give you more comfort
    • Has 2 layers of cushioning: gel pack and high-resiliency layers
    • Cover is durable and easy to clean
    • Great for use on a wheelchair or regular chair
    • Many different sizes to choose
  8. Absolute Wheelchair Cushion

    Absolute Wheelchair Cushion

    • Molded polyurethane construction offers comfort and stability
    • Water-repellant cover
    • Non-slip bottom and velcro fasteners keep cushion securely in place
    • Thickness: 2.25"
    • Weight capacity: 250 lbs.
  9. Drive Gel E 2" Wheelchair Seat Cushion

    Drive Gel E 2" Wheelchair Seat Cushion

    • Foam support with viscous gel-bladder for optimum comfort
    • Cover made from urethane-coated nylon with vinyl base
    • Water resistant
    • Vapor permeable
    • Weight capacity: 250
  10. Memory Foam Seat Cushion

    Memory Foam Seat Cushion

    • Seat Cushion has been designed to increase comfort on your wheelchair or transport chair
    • This cushion provides a more supportive sitting surface to help you maintain proper posture for a more healthy back
    • Comes with a soft polyester and rayon encasement that can be removed for easy machine washing
    • Fits both 16" and 18" wide seats

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