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Wheelchair Accessories

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Wheelchair accessories are a great way to not only increase the safety of your manual wheelchair, but also to make your standard wheelchair your own. Wheelchair accessories such as this safety positioner from MABIS or the Wheelchair Safety Strap from MABIS work hard to improve the safety of your manual wheelchair by ensuring you won't fall from the wheelchair's seat due to bumps on the ground or other jarring forces that may occur. One of the best safety oriented wheelchair accessories is the anti-tip wheelchair device. An anti-tip wheelchair device, like this one from Medline, attaches to the back of the standard wheelchair to prevent the wheelchair from tipping backwards.Read More

Other than wheelchair accessories for safety, also carries handy things like cup holders for wheelchairs, wheelchair bags, and more comfortable wheelchair cushions. Wheelchair pouches are great wheelchair accessories since they let you take a lot more things with you than what you can fit into your pockets. If your back or legs have become sore from sitting in your standard wheelchair, you should consider purchasing an Action Xact Wheelchair Cushion or even a wheelchair liner that fits over the entire manual wheelchair.

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