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  1. Drive Aluminum Transport Chair

    Drive Aluminum Transport Chair



    • Includes seat belt for added safety
    • Tool-free, height adjustable, swing-away footrests
    • 8" casters in the front and rear, with aluminum locks on back wheels
    • Back folds down for storage or transport
    • Weighs: 19 lbs.
    • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  2. Jay Basic Wheelchair Cushion

    Jay Basic Wheelchair Cushion

    • Mildly contoured wheelchair cushion gives you more comfort
    • Beveled bottom prevents "hammocking" effect of wheelchairs with sling upholstery seats
    • Moisture resistant cover with non-slip bottom
    • Available in 4 different
  3. Roho Quadtro Select Wheelchair Cushion

    Roho Quadtro Select Wheelchair Cushion

    • Features neoprene rubber air cells filled with air for more comfort
    • Air cell density is adjustable to your personal preference
    • On-demand comfort: cells can be adjusted while you're still seated!
    • Air cells are durable, but can be repaired if ever damaged - extends life of cushion
    • Comes with washable cover, pump, repair kit, and instructions
    • Special order item - allow approximately 2 weeks for delivery
    • Choose your cushion height: 4" (High Profile), 3" (Mid Profile), or 2" (Low
  4. Nova Gel Foam Wheelchair Cushion

    Nova Gel Foam Wheelchair Cushion



    • Gel/foam combination cushion gives you the comfort you deserve
    • Evenly distributes the user's weight to prevent uncomfortable pressure points
    • Cover is removable, waterproof, and flame retardant
    • Works with wheelchairs, transport wheelchairs, as well as home and office seating
    • Available in 2" or 3" heights
    • Weight capacity: 250
  5. Water/Gel Filled Wheelchair Cushion

    Water/Gel Filled Wheelchair Cushion

    • Internal cushion material is gel-water mixture to optimize pressure relief
    • Gel-water material consistency is similar to fat tissue found on the buttocks for more natural comfort
    • Gel-water material is thick to prevent leakage
    • Cushion is easy to clean
    • Dimensions: 16.5" x 18" x 2"
    • Weight capacity: 200
  6. Roho Mosaic Wheelchair Cushion

    Roho Mosaic Wheelchair Cushion

    • Air flotation technology provides a comfortable sitting environment
    • Interconnected air cells better distribute pressure across entire cushion
    • Has a 3" depth
    • Reusable, washable cover makes it easy to keep cushion clean
    • Should not be used by patients that're susceptible to skin
  7. Medline Gel Foam Wheelchair Cushion

    Medline Gel Foam Wheelchair Cushion

    • Gel-foam cushion that redistributes pressure to give you more comfort
    • Has 2 layers of cushioning: gel pack and high-resiliency layers
    • Cover is durable and easy to clean
    • Great for use on a wheelchair or regular chair
    • Many different sizes to choose
  8. Medline Freedom Transport Chair

    Medline Freedom Transport Chair

    • Pink colored transport chair commemorates breast cancer research
    • Comes with cup holder and small pocket on back side
    • Has 8" rear wheels to traverse most indoor obstacles/thresholds
    • Weighs: less than 15 lbs.
    • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  9. Drive Duet Rollator/Transport Chair

    Drive Duet Rollator/Transport Chair



    • Approximate user height: 5'3"-6'0"
    • Height adjustments: 31.5"-37"
    • Easy release loop-lock brakes
    • Comfortable padded seat with reversible, tool-free, contoured back rest
    • Large 8" inch casters for indoor and outdoor activities
    • Weighs: 19 lbs.
    • Weight capacity: 300
  10. Medline UltraLight Transport Wheelchair

    Medline UltraLight Transport Wheelchair



    • Backside features bottle holder, key ring, and two small pockets
    • 8" rear wheels with push-lever brakes
    • Fold-down back for easy transport and padded armrests
    • Includes adjustable seatbelt, cup holder, and swing-away footrests
    • Product weight: 14.8 lbs.
    • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.

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Standard wheelchairs are great for people with limited mobility who plan to spend a lot of time in a chair. These wheelchairs have larger wheels and premium seats which provide more comfort. Read More

Transport wheel chairs are the perfect low cost solution for people who need occasional help, especially when traveling because they are lighter weight and have smaller wheels. Many transport chairs look and store like a camping chair, with the addition of wheels make them perfect for someone who does not want the attention of a traditional wheelchair.

We also carry 2-in-1 rollator/transport chairs which give the user the freedom to use a traditional rollator to walk and then transition to a transport chair for easy pushing. A full selection of many wheelchair accessories and parts for wheelchairs allow personalization for all your needs.


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