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  • Pharmacist Recommended Best Cup Holder
  • Pharmacist Recommended: Best Cup Holder

    Nova Flip-Up Cup Holder

    Pharmacist Bryan Mercer

    "I recommend this versatile cup holder because it adjusts to hold any sized cup, can or bottle."

    Nova Flip-Up Cup Holder

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Cup Holders

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  1. Nova Flip-Up Cup Holder

    Nova Flip-Up Cup Holder



    • Adjusts to hold different size items
    • Folds up when not in use
    • Fits all Rolling Walkers (except 4900), Folding Walkers, Transport Chairs, Wheelchairs, and Bed Rails
  2. The Hydrant from Maddak

    The Hydrant from Maddak

    • Provides instant and independent access to fluids at all times
    • Convenient clip attaches securely onto beds, chairs, wheelchairs, belts, etc.
    • Metric markings on bottle allow for easy and accurate monitoring of fluid intake
    • Includes 1 liter plastic bottle, 44" long tube with mouthpiece, and convenient clothing
  3. Drive Universal Cup Holder

    Drive Universal Cup Holder



    • New clamp design allows cup holder to swivel, keeping contents level
    • Easily attaches to wheelchairs, rollators, or walkers
    • Special clamp insert can be added or removed as necessary to fit different size tubing
    • Made with durable, lightweight plastic
    • Dimensions: 3" x 3"
  4. Combo Cell Phone and Adjustable Drink Holder

    Combo Cell Phone and Adjustable Drink Holder



    • Combination cell phone/drink holder made to fit wheelchairs, walkers, rollators
    • Fits most flip and smart phones
    • Cup holder has articulated arms to hold wide variety of beverage containers
    • Made of high density polyethylene, a very durable material that won't ever break!
  5. Adjustable Tool Free Drink Holder

    Adjustable Tool Free Drink Holder



    • Cup holder snaps into place, and doesn't require tools
    • Features articulating arms to fit a variety of beverage container sizes
    • Capable of rotating out of the way so you can pass through narrow doors/corridors
    • Won't interfere with the folding of your walker
  6. Adjustable Swing-Away Cup Holder

    Adjustable Swing-Away Cup Holder



    • Fits both rollators and walkers, attaching to 1" angled or straight tubing
    • Adjusts to 4 different sizes so you can fit both small and large drinks
    • Swings out of the way to allow progress through narrow doors and corridors - all without having to remove the beverage!
    • Won't interfere with the folding of your walker/rollator for transport or storage
  7. Nova Black Cup Holder

    Nova Black Cup Holder



    • This is a cup holder for most walkers, transport chairs, and wheelchairs
    • It features a cut out slot for a mug handle to fit through, which keeps everything secure
    • Not just for mugs - this cup holder will fit most beverage sizes
  8. Universal Beverage Holder

    Universal Beverage Holder



    • Holds beverage containers from 10 oz. to 32 oz.
    • Ideal for wheelchairs, walkers, rollators, or others
    • Versatile mounting positions
    • Side cut-out for mug handles
  9. Combo Cell Phone and Drink Holder

    Combo Cell Phone and Drink Holder



    • This is a combination cell phone beverage holder that fits larger beverages and most flip and smart phones
    • Using the SnapIt! System, this product can be mounted to your wheelchair, walker, rollator, crutches, or electric scooter
    • Top ring is reversible to allow for both right and left hand applications
    • Cup holder is made of highly durable polyethylene, an incredibly long lasting material
  10. On The Go Water Bottle Holder

    On The Go Water Bottle Holder

    • Water bottle holder and small pouch for walkers, rollators, wheelchairs, and even bicycles!
    • The larger pocket is elastic, so it stretches to fit nearly any size container - not just a standard sized water bottle
    • Also features a second pocket to securely fit a cell phone, camera, wallet, or other smaller device
    • Made of highly durable wet-suit material

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Using a walker means having your hands full whenever you want to take a step, and that can lead to major inconveniences. Add a clip-on cup holder to your walker’s frame to fix one of those inconveniences instantly. Walker cup holders are strong, secure accessories that make your life infinitely easier. Be sure to check your selection for a mug cut-out if you like to take your coffee or tea on the go.

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