Specialty Walkers

Each specialty walker is different, meant to assist with a different type of need. If you have special issues with weakness or balance, you may want to consider one of our specially-designed walkers.Read More

Hemi-walkers, also known as one-handed walkers or side walkers, are half-sized walkers meant to be used with only one hand. If, for whatever reason, you have trouble holding or gripping with one hand, you will want to consider a hemi-walker. Be sure to check sizes and height adjustments to find the best fit for you.

All-in-one walking aids are meant to double as rising aids for those with weakness or balance issues. These walkers serve as standard walkers when needed, and also as a framework to maintain balance when sitting down or standing up.

Posterior rollators are specially designed to provide support for those with balance or posture issues. A posterior roller shifts the walker frame to the back of the user, leaving their front free and clear of obstruction.

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