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  • Nova Hanging Rollator Pouch
  • Nova Flip-Up Cup Holder

Rollator Accessories

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  1. Nova Flip-Up Cup Holder

    Nova Flip-Up Cup Holder



    • Adjusts to hold different size items
    • Folds up when not in use
    • Fits all Rolling Walkers (except 4900), Folding Walkers, Transport Chairs, Wheelchairs, and Bed Rails
  2. Designer Walker Tote (Khaki)

    Designer Walker Tote (Khaki)



    • This is a carry bag that attaches to either a rollator or walker
    • Features multiple internal and external pockets to keep all your belongings safe and secure
    • Bag also has a shoulder strap for easy carrying when not attached to your walker!
    • Comes in a fashionable khaki color
  3. Universal Mobility Bags with Dual Attachment Options (More Colors)

    Universal Mobility Bags with Dual Attachment Options (More Colors)



    • Works with your walker, rollator, or wheelchair!
    • Fits on nearly any bar, backrest, or handle
    • Choose from 2 different designs!
    • Dimensions: 10"W x 10.5"H x 2.75"D
  4. Adjustable Swing-Away Cup Holder

    Adjustable Swing-Away Cup Holder



    • Fits both rollators and walkers, attaching to 1" angled or straight tubing
    • Adjusts to 4 different sizes so you can fit both small and large drinks
    • Swings out of the way to allow progress through narrow doors and corridors - all without having to remove the beverage!
    • Won't interfere with the folding of your walker/rollator for transport or storage
  5. Nova Mobility Hand Bag with Back-Strap

    Nova Mobility Hand Bag with Back-Strap



    • This accessory works with both walkers and rollators
    • Comes with a zippered pocket with 2 inner pouches plus an outer pocket
    • Additional back strap helps you more securely attach the mobility bag to your mobility device
    • Choose from 7 different designs!
    • Dimensions: 10"W x 6.5"H x 3"D
  6. SnapIt Adjustable Drink Holder for Small and Large Drinks

    SnapIt Adjustable Drink Holder for Small and Large Drinks



    • Cup holder snaps onto walker frame
    • Features articulating arms to fit small and large containers
    • Made of durable polyethylene
  7. Drive Nitro Cane Holder

    Drive Nitro Cane Holder


    Fits all Nitro Products and holds most manufactures

  8. Cell Phone Holder

    Cell Phone Holder

    • Cell phone holder can be mounted to wheelchairs, walkers, rollators and electric scooters
    • Fits most flip and smart phones. The sizes are below:
      • Small fits Flip Phones and fits Smart Phones less than 3" wide by .65" thick
      • Medium fits Smart Phones between 3" wide by .65" thick and 3.24" wide by .77" thick
      • Large fits Smart Phones between 3.24" wide by .77" thick and 3.7" wide by .77" thick
  9. Drive Nitro Cup Holder

    Drive Nitro Cup Holder


    Fits all Nitro

  10. Nova Hanging Walker and Rollator Pouch

    Nova Hanging Walker and Rollator Pouch



    • Attaches to most walkers, rollators, and wheelchairs
    • Velcro straps for secure hold
    • Made of easily-cleaned black nylon
    • Large 12.5"H x 12"W x 3"D zippered compartment
    • 3 external pockets

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Rollator accessories are designed to make using your rollator a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. Often people who use rollators are looking for some additional storage to attach to the front or side of their rollator. One of our more popular methods of increasing your rollator storage is to purchase a rollator bag, such as the Nova Saddlebag, which has many different pockets, and even a clear window pouch where you can display a favorite photo. Aside from just bags to increase your rollator's storage capacity, we also offer many different baskets here on Whether it's a basket to fit underneath your rollator, like the Invacare Rollite Rollator Basket, or the Drive Rollator Basket that has hooks to fit on the front of your rollator, you'll find all your mobility-storage solutions here.Read More

Also available are out of the ordinary rollator accessories like a rollator Fishing Pole Holder and a Mobility Light from See 4 Safety. Both of these items help you stay active and live without limitation. We even have a carry bag that fits the entire Graham-Field HybridLX rollator! This makes it incredibly easy to take your rollator with you as you can simply pick the whole unit up with just one hand!

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