If you’re confined to a wheelchair, we don’t need to tell you the smallest tasks can be a big event in a wheelchair. Federal regulations may require public buildings to be wheelchair accessible, but older and private buildings don’t have to follow the same regulations. And there’s always the constant inconvenience of finding the side door, the cargo elevator, or the only staff member with a key.

But now there is at least one potential irritation you can cross off your list. The stoop, that inevitable short flight of steps in front of so many homes and buildings, no longer poses an impassable barrier to the wheelchair. You can take control of your own mobility, and you too can traverse those stairs, steps, and stoops. The unique Telescoping Adjustable Wheelchair Ramp by Mabis puts the power back in your hands - and in your wheels.

This lightweight wheelchair ramp consists of two separate tracks, allowing it to work with any size of wheelchair. Each track opens to a total of five feet, which can then be laid down over any short flight of stairs, curb, or threshold. Nonskid treads hold them securely in place and the push-button locking mechanism holds all in line, so you can take all the time you need.

This portable wheelchair ramp can travel with you wherever you go. The tracks each collapse down to a mere three feet and stow away in the included carry-bag. Attach the bag to the back of your wheelchair or store it under your car seat, and you are suddenly more mobile than ever before!

The Miami Herald recently spotlighted the Adjustable Wheelchair Ramp, citing its portability and ease. What they didn’t mention is the wide variety of threshold ramps also on offer that can be used in conjunction with the Adjustable Wheelchair Ramp. Browse our wide selection to find more mobility solutions for wheelchairs and transport chairs.