What is the difference between the 4-wheel rolling walkers and the 3-wheel rolling walkers?

All rolling walkers, or rollators, give their users extra stability without slowing them down like a traditional walker would. When choosing a rollator for yourself or a loved one, one of the first things you’ll have to decide is whether you want a 3 wheel rollator or a 4 wheel rollator.

3 Wheel Rollators

Strengths: 3 wheel rollators are narrower and have a tighter turning radius than their 4-wheeled counterparts. This is especially helpful when navigating narrow halls or doorways. Plus, they are lighter than 4 wheel rollators which is great if you ever need to lift them.

Weaknesses: 3 wheel rollators don’t provide as much support as 4 wheel rollators. Also, unlike 4 wheel rollators, they don’t provide a seat for the user to rest on when they get tired.

4 Wheel Rollators

Strengths: 4 wheel rollators provide more support and stability than 3 wheel rollators. They also include a seat for the user to sit and rest in whenever they get tired. Plus, 4 wheel rollators can accommodate a wider range of heights and higher weight capacities than 3 wheel rollators.

Weaknesses: 4 wheel rollators are wider than 3 wheel rollators and therefore may be more difficult to use when navigating narrow halls or doorways. They’re also heavier and harder to lift than 3 wheel rollators.

Hopefully, this information will help you and your family find the best rollator for your needs.